Friday, July 6, 2007

An Experiment in SEO

I'm in the process of starting up a new Computer Training/Software Support/Website Design firm I've called "Geeks on the Beach". So far so good. The website is mostly up and running. The problem is that the world doesn't yet know we exist.

To that end, I've created a few secondary websites that discuss some of the geeky services that we offer. Each site points to the others and all point to the main site.

For example, have a look at Parksville Computers where I've added text borrowed from wikipedia discussing both Parksville and Computers.

A slightly stranger example of secondary websites is I say strange because of the story that surrounds it:

I had registered the domain some months back, thinking that "Qualicum Computers" would make a decent (if unimaginative) name for my soon-to-be-released nerd-biz. Between the time I registered the domain and the time I moved forward with the business, someone else came along and opened up a computer shop here in town.

Along with registering the name they also registered the domain - easier to type into a web browser address bar but less search engine friendly than the Google parsable "".

So I now I had this domain name but a completely different business name. Worse, I was feeling bad. I had no intention of siphoning away website traffic from a fellow local geek - even if he did beat me to the punch registering the name.

So I contacted the owner of Qualicum Computers with the intention of donating the domain name to him. Seemed like a nice enough guy and, in all fairness, he was quite busy and I did pop in unannounced and unexpected. So I left my card and asked him to call me when he had a chance. A week goes by and no call. So I call. He still can't talk. Then a week later I try a third time. Still no luck.

Now I'm starting to feel foolish, chasing down a guy in order to do him a favor he may not want or care about.

So today I finally gave in and posted some Qualicum Beach / Computer type info on the page, which in turn points to Geeks on the

So, if you happen to know the owner of Qualicum Computers ask him to give me a call at 240-NERD: I have a website domain for him.